11 MAY 1901, Page 1

There has been a change of Ministry in Prussia of

some importance. On May 3rd the Chambers were suddenly called together and informed that the Session was at an end. Count von Billow explained the reason, which was that owing to the course taken in the Committee on the Canal Bills the Govern- ment had no hope of passing those beneficial measures, and was therefore disinclined to continue a "useless" discussion. Thrde Ministers, the Finance Minister, Dr. Miguel; the Minister of Agriculture, Baron von Hammerstein; and the Minister of Commerce, Dr. Brefeld, who are supposed to be hostile to the Bills, have been called on to resign, and the last-named has been replaced by a man of business, Dr. Muller, who will, it is supposed, be favourable to a low tariff on cereals. The Agrarians are exultant at their victory, which they have obtained with the help of the Clericals, but it is not a very profitable victory for their side. They have broken with the King, but they have not changed the character of the Ministry or obtained their high Protective tariff. If the Treaties are renewed with the duties unchanged they will have gained nothing, while they have provoked their master into considering whether he cannot obtain a majority without them. The recent history of Prussia shows that the Junkers are only really strong when the Hohenzollerns are behind them.