11 MAY 1901, Page 24

We have to record the fourth annual issue of Burdeti's

Official Nursing Directory, compiled and edited by Sir Henry Burdett (scientific Press, 32. net). An important change has been made in this publication. It has been divided, so to speak, into g. "Nursing Directory," now before us, and "The Nursing Profes- sion," the latter containing an account of the principal nurse training schools in the English-speaking world, while the former gives the personnel of the profession. A classified list of- schools is given, geographically arranged.—We have received the , spring edition of The Royal Blue-book Court and Parliamentary Guide (Kelly's Directories, (is.) This seems to be, on the whole, as carefully kept up to date as it usually is.—In the series of "Cyclists' Touring Guides," edited by A. W. Rumney (Georg,:, Philip and Son, 1s.), we have the second volume of England (North). The contents include Northumberland, with a digres- sion from Newcastle to Edinburgh, Durham, the Lake District, Yorkshire, the Dakeries, &c. The editor draws from his own experiences, and, as no one mania sufficient for such things, from those of various contributors.