11 MAY 1901, Page 3

The unrevised summary returns of the Census published daring the

week give 32,525,716 for the population of England and Wales, as against 29,002,525 in 1891, or an increase over estimate of 168,985. The returns for the 62 administrative counties of England and Wales show a total of 23,386,526, as against 20,935,597 in 1891, the only serious decrease being in Norfolk, Suffolk, Oxfordshire, and Devon- shire. In the table containing the population enumerated in 1891 and 1901 in 67 county boroughs there is an increase in every case but three—Bath, Chester, and Huddersfield— the greatest rise being in West Ham, which has grown from 204,903 to 267,308. The figures for the Metropolitan boroughs forming the administrative County of London show a total of 4536,034, as against 4,228,317 in 1891. Here there has been a falling off in the City of London, Bermondsey, Finsbury, Holborn, Marylebone, Sboreditch, and Westminster, and an increase in the remaining 22 boroughs, the greatest rise being in Fulham and Wandsworth. The figures as a whole bring out in a very striking way the need for dealing with the over- representation of Ireland. The population of London is now greater than that of Ireland, yet London has only about half the number of representatives enjoyed by Ireland.