11 NOVEMBER 1876, Page 1


THE present situation would appear to be this :—The armistice has been arranged, the military difficulties having proved less „formidable than was expected, and the Turkish army is housing itself at Alexinatz, while the Servian army is in process of some kind of "reorganisation." The Governments, moreover, have agreed to a Conference to be held, at first informally, without a Turkish representative, and afterwards formally, with a Turkish Minister attending. At this Conference each Government will be represented either by two Envoys or one, at its pleasure, and the presidency has been blandly accorded to Great Britain. There are rumours—chiefly in Continental papers—of serious "hitches," but the British Government clearly believes that there will be a Conference, and that it will have important work to do. The place has not been fixed, but the Turks are desirous that it should not be Constantinople, where Ambassadors, when not wilfully deaf, sometimes hear too much. -