11 NOVEMBER 1899, Page 13


• [To THY EDITOR OP THE "SPECTATOR."'" sut,—The article on this subject in the Spectator of Novem- ber 4th should be in the hands of every Channel Islander, and should be written in letters of gold at the War Office. The War Office has for some time been seeking to make a rigidly military force of the Channel Militias (service obliga- tory. and unpaid) while absolutely denying them any field artillery but such as has been obsolete for half a lifetime. The Channel Militias are the oldest armed forces of the Crown, they are honoured with the title of Royal, and have won the right to bear the name and date of their last fight with the French on their colours. In Jersey the Regiment of Militia Artillery and the 3rd Regiment of Militia Infantry recently sent four ride teams to compete with a team of the garrison (Gloucesters); the garrison team took the place of the opponents of Eclipse' ! The Queen's Prize at Bisley was as you are aware, won this year by a Guernsey [We have been obliged to shorten our correspondent's lotter.—ED. Spectator.]