11 NOVEMBER 1899, Page 15


[To THE EDITOR OF THE "SPECTATOR.") Sin,—That hardy reprobate, the house sparrow, has so seldom a good word said fo - him that when he behaves as a gentle- man should, it is perhaps worth noting. Faute de viteux, we have cultivated his acquaintance for the last five or six years, and shared the household loaf with him, yet never till yester- day did we receive the mark of confidence to which we felt entitled, when a belated sparrow tapped at the kitchen window for his supper and ate it from the band of the lady who presides over the bread-basket, affectionately tapping her finger with his beak ere he retired to his hole in the ivy. Last year we had a bird who always appeared on the break- fast-table and made straight for the butter-dish, ate a mouthful, and then flew to the sideboard for a bit of bread from the loaf. Should you care to insert this little "bird note," I venture to offer it for the amusement of your