11 NOVEMBER 1922, Page 38


[To the Editor of the SPECTATOR.]

wish to tell you how much I enjoyed reading the last Spectator I have seen—the October 28th number. Front a very humble American I should like to say I agree, fully and to the last word, with the article printed upon page 589. The United States of America does owe to England a greater debt than can ever be repaid by mere money. Fur money, gold and silver, may buy much, but there are many things it cannot purchase. Loyalty, obedience to laws, customs, and a thousand and one other things may not be bought. The harm, damage, usurpation of authority, and all the other untold, and unmentionable acts, which Mr. Wilson, our ex-President, did to the United States, England, France, and to all the Allied countries, may not be said. But all true Americans will agree with me in my attempt at an apology.—