11 NOVEMBER 1922, Page 38



SIR,—I am sure that a great many of your readers will be interested in a Parliamentary adventure such as many of us have long desired to see. Rear-Admiral S. R. Drury-Lowe is standing for the Abbey Division of Westminster as an Independent candidate on Christian principles. I understand perfectly well the ordinary objection raised to identifying Christianity with any definite political programme—that if you say a certain policy is required by Christianity you imply that those who disagree with you are not Christians. But whatever we may think on this subject, surely there will be an enormous number of voters who would be delighted to see men—and it might be women too—returned here and there for the one purpose of emphasizing that our politics will avail nothing unless ultimately, and in the best sense, they are Christian.

Let me quote from the candidate's address :-

" I believe I can best serve your interests and the Country by studying how to apply Christian principles to all problems, Social, Industrial, Economic and Political—(National and International)— having regard not to party expediency, but to the interests of all classes and their obligations to the community as a whole. There is at present far too much suspicion and antagonism and far too little Fellowship and understanding. Each of us is dependent on the good will of our fellows and the motive of all should be Service. . . . I believe the application of Christian principles is the only remedy for the world's sickness, if only it were recognised and tried, but I do not presume to claim this belief as peculiar to any one candidate or party. It is simply that I believe it should be stated clearly by those who hold it."

Admiral Drury-Lowe would be grateful for help of any sort in his Committee Rooms, which are at 2 Lower Jolm Street, Golden Square, W. 1.—I am, Sir, &c.,