11 NOVEMBER 1922, Page 38


[To the Editor of the SPECTATOR.]

SIR,—As an annual subscriber and one who has read the Spectator from early years, may I put in a plea for a more magnanimous attitude on your part towards the ex-Premier ? Granting that Mr. Lloyd George has made many mistakes, surely the Spectator might concentrate its great energies on more urgent matters than the delinquencies of the ex-Premier. I have turned week after week to your pages in the hopes that I should find some recognition of Mr. Lloyd George's services to the nation—so far, it must be confessed, in vain. Surely the man who among other things introduced Old Age Pensions, who organized our munition supplies, and who never lost heart during those black days in March, 1918, even when his colleagues—some of whom are in the present Government— did so, deserves better treatment at your hands. I hold no brief for the ex-Premier's politics, but I do expect to find the fair play for which the Spectator is so renowned meted out to him in your columns.—I am, Sir, &c., ISTILDA DES VOEUX, 50 Gillingham Street, Ecclestan Square, S.W. 1.

P.S.—To show you that I have every intention of remaining one of your readers, I may say I have signed a banker's order for my annual subscription—a• practice which I recommend to all your readers !