11 NOVEMBER 1932, Page 12

To begin with the essential fact. The bees in every

hive ..njoy progressive employment. They begin as housemaids, they arc promoted to be nursemaids and conclude as house- keepers or at any rate as caterers. The system works Very smoothly up to a point ; so long as the promotions follow at decent intervals, all goes smoothly ; the hive is at peace within itself and social service has no let or hindrance. Trouble makes its appearance only when the upper ranks are filled and promotiOn is blocked. Unrest becomes general. Revolt is threatened. Its rumours reach the senses of the queen. Perhaps she notices that rival queens are being bred, it may be in numbers. SO she decides to make the best of things, and seek a new kingdom. She collects an army, leaves the hive, swarms and takes her company to the new home that special pioneers have already been sent out to discover.