11 NOVEMBER 1932, Page 16

The " Spectator " Crossword No. 7


ACROSS 1. Epithet for the latest thea- trical fashion.

9. Indication of catty content.

10. Gnaw in pram for dry sheets.

II. Greek Don Quixote.

12. Part of England.

15. Pure or simple, according to • your politics.

18. He may have a narrow mind, but he has a big beginning.

19. Extract.

20. Corner of beheaded friend of Puff.

21. Of birth in Africa.

44: Idled in coalition with a copper.

23. The last of a -dynasty.

24. Taken in disputes.

25. Gilbertian character who is • an upset advantage.

:M. The party confuses the Indian.

31. A deity in confusion about the beginning is native.

32. Disliked by certain Irish- men.

33. Man of letters who might be an Oxford scholar.


2. Fender's hearth.

Their -ness is shocking to me," said Alexander Selkirk.

4. This man might be cox.

5. Alternatively she-swan for 6. Ploughed by Lord Roseber3-. the painter.

7. Conquered, half punished undergraduate.

N. Greek Madan c Tussand.

13. A university graduate stands on his head to complete this puzzle, and to let off.

14. Lost sin (anag.).

15. Ader country makes for inertia. 16. Sackville made him a in i rror.

17. Epithet for one addressed by Canning. 18. To the left they blot the seutcheon.

23. If you can't afford it curtailed you may have to do it. • 26. _Mercantile end of sees' heads.

27. Principle of a eurt ailed chopper over a certain island.

29. She is equivalent to 1.760 yards. 30. Find this libertine in the garden.