11 NOVEMBER 1949, Page 16

Post Office and Public

SIR,—It is indeed a scandal that one cannot be certain of the first post being delivered before leaving for business in the morning. (In my case the variations in the times of delivery exceed an hour.) It is still worse that there is no collection after 6.30 p.m. We were told that the " black- out " necessitated the temporary cancellation of later collections. What is the trouble now ? I refuse to believe that postmen, in the words of the song, " are afraid to go home in the dark." Is it trade-union restric- tions or what ? Ought the common good to be considered after the convenience of the individual ? The apathy of Parliament about a matter of such vital concern is startling. Are we not becoming too ready to put up with anything, regardless of whether it is necessary to do so or not ?-