11 NOVEMBER 1949, Page 5

* * * * I was discussing some weeks ago

the possibility of M. Clementis, the Foreign Minister of Czechoslovakia, who is now heading the Czech delegation at the United Nations Assembly at Lake Success, deciding not to return to his country. M. Clementis was not known till relatively recently to have any sympathy for Communism. He was in London during the war with the Czech Government in exile, and closely associated with Dr. Items and Jan Masaryk. But if M. Clementis did stay in the United States what would happen to his wife ? (He has, I believe, no children). That question is answered, rather surprisingly, by the appearance of Madame Clementis at Northolt on Tuesday, en route for Lake Success. While that might suggest at first sight that the Foreign Minister meant to stay where he was, the question why the Czech Government should have facilitated that plan by allowing Madame Clementis to leave Czechoslovakia and join him is left unanswered. * a * *