11 NOVEMBER 1949, Page 5

Professor Eternal's comments on the decision of the Council of

the British Association that he should no longer be a member of the Council shows how useless it would be to try to bridge the gulf in mental outlook which separates him from the general mass of British scientists. Professor Bernal was reported as saying at the conference of the Soviet Partisans of Peace at Moscow in August that the direction of science in the capitalist world was in the hands of those who hated peace and wanted war. So far as Britain—which Professor Bernal clearly includes in " the capitalist world "—is concerned, this, of course, is a most monstrous slander. Who in this country hates peace and wants war ? Now in his latest explanation he speaks of British scientists lending themselves to the production of scientific weapons "for use against the Soviet people," which means nothing if not for an attack on the Soviet people. Clearly Professor Bernal has no control over his words, if he has over his thoughts, when Russia is in any way concerned. The Council of the British Association has taken the only course open to it. a * • *