11 NOVEMBER 1966, Page 15

The War for Jenkins' Ear

was surprised and horrified by the article The War for Jenkins' Ear' (November 4). One does not realise the exceedingly bad conditions in which prisoners are kept in our overcrowded prisons. It reads rather like the conditions in the 'bad old days' of prisons. The writer is a cultured and intelligent man (I wonder what he is 'in' for7), and puts his case clearly. The way ahead can lie only in the direction in which he has pointed. May these reforms be dealt with as soon as possible. I think it is top priority that they should be. When I read of the homeless (often loveless) vagrant leaving the prison at 7.45 am., no matter what the weather conditions are, it makes me very sad.

I subscribe to a prisoners' aid society, which is a small step in the right direction, and very slightly lessens my feeling of being unable to bring about changed conditions at once!


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