11 NOVEMBER 2006, Page 13


Hours to go until announcement, and we still can’t decide whether to create a new post of Shadow Minister for Love. Personally, I’m with Dave on this. If love really is the answer to youth crime, we must bring it into the jurisdiction of government. For too long people have just been loving as they see fit, with no form of regulation or uniformity of approach. Apparently there are whole swaths of Britain where people are not getting loved at all. Talk about postcode lottery! Why should love be the preserve of middle-class families in the Home Counties? There should be an element of redistribution — spread the love! Some sort of star rating system might be in order. All in all, it’s a v balanced reshuffle. Out with the old (people) and in with the new. Especially super to have Eddie ‘Crazy’ Vaizey as shadow arts. Do feel sorry for Mr Jenkin, but at the end of the day there’s only so long you can deliver vintage stand-up performances night after night on the constituency circuit as you defend the A-list. Quite frankly, we feared he was headed for burn-out.