11 OCTOBER 1873, Page 1

M. Thiers' letter to the Mayor of Nancy, declining for

the present the urgent request that lie would come and receive in person the thanks of the people for the policy which had achieved so early the liberation of the territory from the invader, and pointing out how dangerous it is, under the present regime, to defend the existing order of things, and how safe, not only to advocate a revolution, but to intrigue with a Pretender, was published on Sunday in the French papers, and has already produced a marvellous effect. We have analysed it carefully elsewhere. Here we may say that it seems to have awakened France to the danger threatening her, and to have produced expressions of feeling in all parts of the country which make the Monarchists hesitate, and doubt the success of their cause. The Due de Broglie tried to neutralise the effect of M. Thiers' letter by a speech at Neuville-le-Bon, also delivered on Sunday, in which he denied that a Government by priests could ever again be established in France, and referred to the Republican policy as " the cunning of a powerless faction," But the Due de Broglie's speech has reassured no one ; and "the cunning of a powerless faction" seems to be rather regarded in France as the sagacity of a silenced, but unshaken people.