11 OCTOBER 1873, Page 1

The prospects of the Comte de Chambord have not improved.

Besides" the issue of M. Thiers' letter, and the exceedingly mild speech of M. Gambetta at Perigueux, the Monarchists have now to contend with the defection of all the Left Centre, of half the Bonapartists, and of a few Members of the Right Centre, so that their majority has become uncertain. Moreover, their friends, as they come up from the provinces, report wide-spread dislike to the Bourbon line, while M. Thiers .is accepting every follower. The Legitimists are, in fact, fully aware of their posi- tion in the country, and dare not dissolve, but have sent another dePutation to their impracticable chief, which is unable to find him. They may fall back on the Comte de Paris, but then

must ust break the pledge so recently given to his cousin, which he is 'not likely to do ; while the Due d'Aumale could found only a Revolutionary throne. Altogether, the prospect this week is favourable to the Republic and to a dissolution.