11 OCTOBER 1873, Page 1

The trial of Marshal Bazaine commenced on Tuesday. It is,

of course, impossible for us to summarise these proceedings in these columns every week until they close, and we must content ourselves with saying that the prosecutor is General de la Riviere, that the act of accusation accuses the Marshal of everything Gambetta alleged,—of refusing to break out when six roads were-

open, of refusing to obey any instructions except from the Em- peror, of communicating secret information till his own Generals refused to receive any more, of opening secret political communi- cations with Prince Frederick Charles, and finally, of capitulating when he might have held out a fortnight. Paris, it is said, is perfectly astounded with the acte -'accusation, but as yet no evidence has been reported. It is alleged that a despatch was suppressed by Colonel Stoffel,- the able military attaché at Berlin, and it seems certain that the Emperor, the most indecisive man in Europe, M. Rouher, one of the most decided, Colonel Stoffel, and Marshal MacMahon wasted hours in council whether to join Bazaine or march back on Paris, MacMahon always adhering to this, the only reasonable plan. The sentence, if the Marshal is found guilty, is death, but Gravelotte will probably secure him- a milder punishment.