11 OCTOBER 1873, Page 2

Liberalism has a good many friends in France, and among

them M. Beuld, Minister of the Interior. He gave the Siècle the other day a warning for republishing M. Gambetta's speech, and when taxed with his conduct in the Permanent Committee, replied that he had done so because he could not punish M. Gambetta, who was inviolable as Deputy. The Figaro, whose policy is Legitimist, recently advised that M. Thiers, for writing a moderate letter in defence of the existing Government, that is the Republic, should be arrested and imprisoned. The Monarchists seem indeed perfectly ready for a " White Terror," and are rousing the very peasants to declare, as shown in an evidently truthful story in the Pall Mall Gazette, that they will vote for the Rouges, as the only men, failing Napoleon, strong enough to keep the Bourbons down. They will find M. Thiers strong enough, if the Assembly dissolves.