11 OCTOBER 1873, Page 2

The Liberals of Hull have started Mr. E. J. Reed,

the former Chief Constructor, and perhaps the worst candidate they could find in the Islands. The Tories have only to reprint his own defence of his own conduct about the " Captain " to defeat him, and if 'le is elected, he will be no friend to the Gladstone Government. He refuses, in fact, to pledge himself even to vote with it, wants to disestablish the Church, and though opposed to restrictions in the liquor direction, would not repeal any of the restrictions now existing. In other words, he is a Liberal who will bother the Admiralty all he can; will disestablish the Church, but "has not read up the Twenty-fifth Clause ;" and does not know whether, if it is right to drink beer at ten, it is or not wrong to drink it at eleven. Mr. Reed is a man of genius in his own profession, but we would rather see a stout opponent like Colonel Pease, whom one can understand, than such a supporter of the Ministry.