11 OCTOBER 1873, Page 25

v Passion Flower: a Novel. (Burns and Oates.)—There is little to

say about this'novel, except that it is very well written. The noble or well-ham ladies and gentlemen whom the author introduces to us do not interest us much ; even Agnes, meant, it is clear, for the principal eharacery0orefuses the man whom she loves because he is an un- believer, rs a dim and, shadowy personage, and her pathetic ending— she is of the fragile kind of heroines who are killed by being drenched in a thunder' shower—does not affect us. But then, as we have said, the author inakOs'his-puppets talk in good English, and sometimes, whether speaking by theme or in his own person, is even eloquent. Another " novel" from his hand may, it is quite possible, be a good one.