11 OCTOBER 1924, Page 14


• [To the Editor of the SPECTATOR.]

Sta,—Re Professor Scott's admirable letter in your issue of October 4th, much that appears under his name has been accomplished by the Allotment Holders' Association, but, as usual, the result has caused the prices of vegetables and some fruit to be higher than ever before. The market gardeners have lost a good number of customers, and so they make up their profits by charging ridiculously high prices, and shopkeepers have followed their lead. It would be impossible for citizens of large towns to secure suitable grounds within a reasonable distance, buy the ground and have houses built. The drainage scheme would also be a considerable difficulty. The water pans for collection of water to supply large towns must be scrupulously regarded, so, in my opinion, much more consideration will be necessary before the projected scheme can be reasonably carried out.