11 OCTOBER 1924, Page 14


[To the Editor of the SPECTATOR.] SIR,—In his delightful article, Mr. Percy Ripley says that on one occasion he found a plant having white flowers with crimson veins. It is possible that it was the Common Bird's- Foot (Ornithopus perpusillus); it grows in sandy pastures from May to July. Mr. Ripley may like to know that early in May, last year, I met with several white specimens of German- der Speedwell (Veronica chamaedrys). They were near some furze and other bushes on the South Downs.—! am, Sir, &c., A. CAMERON SHOR.E. 8 Addingham Road, Eastbourne.

[Mr. Ripley writes :—I have not seen a pure white German- der Speedwell, but I found fine specimens of white bugle near to London this year. White varieties of a number of plants, chiefly of those whose normal colouring is blue or red, are occasionally met with. I should like to thank the correspon- dents who have written expressing appreciation of the article, and to most of them I am replying personally. I share the regret that the article did not appear in the spring. The responsibility is not mine.]