11 OCTOBER 1969, Page 16

A hundred years ago

From the 'Spectator', 9 October 1869—The news from New Zealand is very. bad. Te Kooti is not only not dead, but is as highly fanatical and prophetical in his religious claims as ever. He has demanded to be made King and Priest, and the younger- members of the Waikaito tribes favoured his demand, though it was rejected by the chiefs. Had it been con- ceded, a violent attack on the out-districts of the Auckland province would certainly have followed. Te Kooti gives. himself out as a second Jehu, and with the remarkable passion for the Old Testament which the Maories always show, has predicted himself a career like that ascribed to Jehu in the Second Book of Kings. It is not an amiable or an honourable role. but Te Kooti is not particular. Many of the out-districts have had warning of immediate attacks, and there is not doubt that the war is likely to spread very rapidly.