11 SEPTEMBER 1830, Page 11



At Malta, on the 5th ult. the Ludy of Lieut.-Colonel the Hon. SEYMOUR nirliTIRST, of a dang,hter.

On the lit inst. in Belfast, the Lady of Jowl LAMB, Esq. of twins, both sons. On the 7th inst. at the Royal Mint, Mrs. Hexer BINCLEY, of a daughter. On the 6th inst. in Wyndham Place, Bryanston Square, the Lady of WILLIAM CHARSLEY, Esq. of a daughter.

On Monday, a woman belonging to Glasgow. ware delivered of three children, and she died soon afterwards. This woman previously had twice three at a birth-, twice two, and once one. The husband is a poor weaver. At Glenfinnart, on the 29th Mt. the Lefty of the Hon. Lord FULLERTON, of a son. On the 21st ult. at Howick, the wife of the lion. Captain Genntoe Baal/Is:aro:se, R.N. of a son.

On the 9.1: inst, at Rnbraharn, Cambridgeshire, the lndy of HENRY Jorne ABEANZ, Esq. M.P. of a son and heir.


On the 7th Inst. at St. James's church, by the Rev. Dr. John Goodenough, BISSET I:Amu:es, M.D. of Golden Square, to EMILY ISABELLA, only daushter of the Rev. William Goodenoneb. Archdeacon of Carlisle.

On the 4th inst. at Derrygrath Church, by the Hon. and Right Rev. the Lord Bishop of Waterfercl and LisMOre, MATTHEW VILLIERS SANRICV, Esq. of Cool- more, in the county of Tipperary, to rteez, second daughter of the iate Samuel Perry, Esq. of Woodrooffe, esti niece to the Earl of Charleville and Lord Dunnlly. On the 20ilt ult. at the residence of the Lady's father, Great Dominick Street, Dublin, by the Rev. Ogle William 111sore, JOHN Mooice:' Egq. SeCOIld son of George Moore, Esq. M.P. to Ecrzesurera, dnueliter of Arthur J0050, Esq. On the 14th ult. at New BOAR' M tenses AViscran Sanvu, Esq. son to the late Right Hon. Sir M. Smith, and brother to the Hon. Baron Sir W. C. Smith, to CHARLOTTE, eldest daughter of George W. Carr, Esq of New Ross.

On the 4th Inst. at Talearth, Major Hoceonn, of Kilgewn, Carmarthensbire, to Miss GIVTNNE, of P.uckland, Brecknockshire, only child of the late Roderick Gwynne, Esq. of Buckland. On the 7th inst. at PetersBeld, EnwAtto IinverNs, Esq. of Alresford, to ELIZA SusAteva. eldest daughter of Vice-Admiral GiEfard.

On the 8th inst. at Great Yarmouth, EDWARD MAR/10RD LesznerexoN FRES.. TON, Esq. third son of Isaac Preston, Esq. of Great Yarmouth, to MARIA FRAN- CES, eldest daughter of Edmund Preston. Esq. of the same place.

On the 6th inst. by the Lord Bishop of Lincoln, Tu o 31AS CHA.MBERLATNE, Esq. to AMELIA, daughter of General Onslow, of Staughton House, in Huntingdonshire.

At Montrose, on the 23rd ult. Mr. Joseen Iarixe, Lerwick, Snetland, to Isa- BELLA, daughter of the deceased Mr. J. Duncan, and niece to Joseph Hume, Esq.


On the 6th inst. at his seat at Aidenham Abbey, Sir CHARLES MORICE Pots, Bart. Grand Cross of the Order of the Bath, Master of the Robes to His Majesty, and Admiral of the Fleet. On the 6th inst. in Park Crescent, Poetland Place, the Right Hon. Lady BOSTON., At Dover, on the 4th inst. Ro eILT Mausu. Esq. in his Gerd year.

On the 8rd inst. at Lacombe Park, - Hertfordshire, HENRIETTA DOROTHEA MA a za, Countess of Athlone, wife of William Gambier, Met. of that place. On the 5th inst. at Chase Cottage, Herefordshire, the residence of his son, Dr. Jonx BRIGGS, formerly head eurgeon of Fort St. George. On the 6th inst. at her residence, Blackheath HiR, Mrs. WALSER, relict of the late John Walker, Esq. formerly of the same place, in her 53rd year.

On the 7th inst. at his residence, Brunswick Place, Regent's Park, JAMES Wm. sox, Esq. of Sneaton Castle, Yorkshire, and of Cane-grove, in the island of St. Vincent in the West Indies, Lieutenant Colonel, and Member of the Council in that island, and a Magistrate and one of the Deputy-Lieutenants for the County, and late Member of Parliament for the City of York. On the 3rd inst. at his seat at Easton, in the 77th year of his age, the Right Hon. Wir.mAm IIrmay NAssA u. fifth Earl of Rochforth Viecount Tunbridge, in the county of Kent, and Baron Enfield, in the county cf Middlesex. His Lordship was never married, and the titles are extinct.

At Edinburgh, on the nth inst. the Right Iron. Lady IsAnELLA DOUGLAS, sister to the late, and aunt to the present Earl of Selkirk. At Wisbaden, on the 2nd inst. the Hon. AucarsTA. MARY de GREY, youngest daughter of the Fate Thomas Lord \Valeingham. At Edinburgh, on the 6th inst. the Right Hon. Lady ISAAELLA DOUGLAS, sister to the late, and aunt to time pretent, Earl of-Selkirk.

On the 2nd inst. at the Vicarage, in Gosfield Park, in the 7711; year of his age, the Rev. Joux. TIZURLOIt", LL.B. Vicar of Gostield, Rector et Chelmondiston, near Ipswich, and one of his Majesty's Justices of the Peace for this county.

At Elie, N. B. on the 28th ult. Miss ANN RED:, in her 9011; year. On the 9th inst. at Clapham Rise, Surrey, Wisstan El:Le:ER, Esq. in his 73rd year.