11 SEPTEMBER 1830, Page 11


The Ephemlna, from Van Diemeus Land, for the Mauritius, was lost on the island of Sinn, on the 21st of January ; crew saved.

The Ellen, Patterson, and the Silence, Jackson, were driven ashore at the Cape of Good Hope, on the 3d of June. The former sustained no damage; the latter has been condemned.

The Flinn put into Algoa Bay, on the 2411; of May, with loss of bulwarks and deck load of timber.

Arrived.—At Gravesend, Sept. i-th, America, Donald, front Van Diemens Land; 9th, H. C. Ships, Charles Grant, Everest ; and Vansittart, Scott, from China. At Madeira, July IS, Bland, Cullen, from Madras; 2; h, Abberton, Percival, for Bom- bay; 29th, Tarn O'Shztnter, Lindsey, for Madras ; and Lady Raffles, Tucker, for Bombay ; Aug. 8th, Resource, Shutt leworth, fur Van Diemen's Land; 13th, Arabian, Boult, for Beneal; 'Seth, Mary, Beacruft, for New South Wales. At the Cape of Good Hope, May 12th, Genii, Wells ; 24th, Fanny, Bundy ; and Willie, Tait, from London ; List. Mary. Cock, from Bristol ; June 1st, AVanderer, Wit- llama; 701, Alfred, Jackson ; till;, Eclipse, Davis ; and 1.6th, Edward Lombe, Free- man, from London.

Sailed.—From Gravesend, Sept. 4th, Thomas Lowrie, Langdon, for Van Die- mens Land: 6th, Georghtna, Tuiiis, for Bengal. From Sheerness, Sept. 8th, York, Leary, for New South Wales. From Liverpool, Sept. 4th, Brothers, Newby, for Calcutta ; 7th, Huron, Hardy ; and e tit, Hereford, Caddy, for Bombay. Spoken.—Colombia, from ClySie to Bombay, 27th May, 26 south, 50 east. Lotus, from Batavia, 7th June, 26 south, 35 ea-st. Diamond, from Bengal to London, Ilth Aug., 26 north, 38 west. Surrey, from China, olf Angier, 1st May.