11 SEPTEMBER 1830, Page 12

Statements showing all the New Members which have been returned

to the first Parliament of WILLIAM the Fourth, in August 183O, from Ireland and Scotland ;—to complete the list which appeared in our Paper of the 15th ultimo. The rejected or retired members printed in Italics, have been returned for other places. Those with a No. for places in England, are the English list of changes. The + and • denote, as in the former list, the votes for and against Ministers, as taken from Coitz!s List of the Votes.

NeClIernbers. Places fro-n whence returned. I Old Members rejected or retired.

Acheson, Lord /3ateson, Sir R. Beresford, Lord G. Blaney Boyle, Lord Brabazon, Lord e, Browne, Dorn. al

g Brown, Hon. G. A Burke, Sir J.

u Chapman, H. L. c.> ) Don O'Connor g Farrel, R. Jones, Captain T.

H Lefroy, A. I DPClinlock, J. Macnamara Mahon, O'Gorman Ossory, Earl Valenti°, Lord Wyse, Thomas , Cradock, jr. IL i . Ferguson, Sir R. Hill, Lord G.

e Leader, N. P. g Lefroy, Thomas

g Leslie, Charles : Ogle, Admiral Pennefather, M.

Ruthven g Shawe Smyth, R. V. Wynne, John Abercrombie, Lt. Col.

Hon. G. R. Agnew, Sir A. Campbell, Capt. G. P. Carnegie, Sir J. Douglas, Hon. C. eI Graham, Lord H. W.

Loughborough, Lord Monteith, H.

Pringle, A. Armagh Londonderry Waterford Monaghan Cork Dublin Mayo Kerry Galway Westmeath T.osCommon ildare Londonderry Longford Louth Clare Ditto Kilkenny Wexford Tipperary Dundalk Londonderry Carrickfergus illtenny Dublin University New Ross Cashel Portarli ngton Downpatrick Dublin City Tralee Sligo Kinross Wigton Nairn County Aberdeen District Lauark County Dumbarton County Dysart District Selkirk Do. County Hon. H. Caulfield*

G. R. Dawson 30 R. Power *

Hon. R. Westenra * Hen. J. Bogle It. W. Talbot* Lord Bingham -; Viscount Ennism ore + Daly, J. t H. AL Tulle Hon. R. King -I- R. Latouehe* A. It. Stewart t Sir G. Fetherstone J. L. Foster t L. O'Brien t D. O'Connell Hon. H. B. Clarke t It. S. Carew * J. IL Hutchinson +

Charles Barclay t Sir G. F. Hill t Sir 21. Chichester. J. Doherty J. IV. Croker 29 1V. liggram

E. J. Collett t Farquhar t

J. W. Maxwell t H. Grattan

Sir E. Denny t Owen Wynne t G. E. G. Pigott

Sir W. Maxwell 1- Duncan Davidson t Joseph Hume 40 Sir M. S. Stewart t John Campbell t Sir R. C. Ferguson 31 Adam Hay t

W. E. Lockhart t

The following 15 mem- I for the undermentioned I And have teen returned hers sat in the last places, to the New Parlia- Parliament ment, Chichester, Sir A. Carrickfergus Belfast Kilderbee Aldeburgh Orford W: Belfast, Earl Belfast Antrim County H Dick, Quintin Orford Malden o Baillie,Colonel J. Hedon Inverness District 0.1 Boyle Hon. J. Cork County Cork City P. Chicliester,Colonel Tailbone Port Wexford sz 14 Loch, James Milton, Viscount t Germains S York County Ktrkscall, District Peterborough C

North, J. H.

Milborne Port Drogheda

Rae, Sir W. Harwich Bute County 'g,,..

Stewart, Sir M. S.

l Lanark County Renfrew •••


' Stuart H. V. WIgrarn, W.

Waterford County New Ross Banbury Wexford

Wortley, Hon.J. S.

Bossiney Cupar District I having displaced the un- dermentioned.

Earl of Derfast Quintus Dirk

E. A. 111.Naghten t Hugh Dick f

IL Graaf 35

.T. H. Hutchinson • viscount Stopford f Sir H. Innes t

Sir Jame, &arid' 45 I'. Van Homrigh Hon. J. Sinclair f John Maxwell t Hon. A. I.egge f Henry Evans t

Hon. H. Lindsay f