11 SEPTEMBER 1830, Page 12


STOCK EXCTIANGE, FRIDAY EvENINO.—The first three days of this week were distinguished by violent fluctuations in the value of Consols, and other securities. Yesterday, and still more to-day, were remarkable for nothing but the contiast which they presented to the stormy scenes which preceded them. To-day, indeed, was tranquil even to dulness ; but this calm is as deceitful, we suspect, as the pre- vious panic was excessive and perhaps unreasonable. The dealers in Stock, like

the Puritans of old, are waiting upon Providence ; and the speculators for a fall, who thus far have had the best of the battle, are quite prepared on the slightest en- couragement of unfavourable news, to renew their operations. It must be con. fessed, too, that the present aspect of public affairs Is at least doubtful ; while the price of every description of funded security is still so high as to be abun- dantly susceptible of further depreciation. Money, however, which, had the alarm continued, would soon have become scarce, is still abundant ; and the judicious measure of the Bank in proffering advances at 3 per cent. has been of great use in keeping it so. If affairs abroad go on more smoothly, all will be well. If not, the fall of last Saturday is only a slight earnest of what we shall undoubtedly witness.

On that day the prices fell from 89; to 861 almost without a pause, and even at the latter price there were heavy sales. A reaction then occurred, which reached to 88; but the latest price of the day was Kb On Monday, the Market opened at 871. fell to 861, and left off at about 87. On Tuesday, it opened at 861; rose to 88, and dosed at 871. On Wednesday there were very large purchases, which advanced the price to 84. Yesterday, 84 and 881 were the extreme quotations ; and to-day 88/ and 8S.

The Heavy Stocks have fluctuated in nearly an equal ratio with Console; and even the floatingsecurities, Exchequer Bills and India Bonds, were seriously af- fected, although now recovered to nearly their former prices.

The Foreign Market on Saturday and Monday showed most clearly what would. be the fate of all Foreign Bonds in the event of any thing like the prospect of a war Many of them were unsaleable at any price. Russian Bonds, not long ago at 1 II. were done at 941; and happy was the man who could sell even at that price, for bad the panic continued a day or two longer, that price would have been a high one.

Every other description of Continental Security suffered in an equal degree: Danish

fell to 63 and under ; Austrian to 93. Some of the South American Bonds were un- saleable altogether. Brazil weathered the storm better than some others, having taken no lower than 67. Spanish alone was tolerably steady, and did not suffer more than none per cent. fall.; the highest price of the week was 23,; the lowest

24f, and late this afternoon they recovered to 251.

The Share Market has been wholly neglected.

SATURDAY, HALF-PAST Twsavs.—The Consol Market -opened at I, and on the app.earance of some buyers about eleven o'clock, advanced to 891 to 1, but hal since receded to 89 to 1.

Prices in the Foreign Market are generally better, and Greek has risen to 35, on some story of Prince Leopold having again undertaken to go out to Greece.

There is, however, but little business done in either Market.

Bank Stock .... Buenos Ayres... Spanish .. 251 251 3 per Cent. Red. — Chilian Ditto, New 3 per Cent. Cons. 882 891 Colombian ..... 21 211


3} per Cent. New — Danish...... 69 69i Console for Acct. 882 sn Greek.......... 35i Bolanas 210 215 Long Annuities. — Mexican ....... 36/ 37t Brazilian . 73 74 Ex. Bills, 10001. 70 Peruvian ....... 19 19f Columbian — —

India Bonds .... — Portuguese ..... 56 Anglo Mexican 351 36/

Brazilian—. .. 71 71* Russian 102# 103 United Mexican 14 14k