11 SEPTEMBER 1830, Page 20


Illustrations of Natural History ; embracing a series of Engrav- ings and Descriptive Accounts of the most interesting Genera and Species of the Animal World. Engraved by J. LE KEUX and R. SANDS, from original Drawings.

The first volume of this work, now in the course of publication in numbers, is just completed : it consists of forty-two plates, of two or three subjects each, and 360 pages of descriptive letterpress. Being de. signed for general readers, it is essentially popular in its character, and technical only so far as its correctness and scientific arrangement are concerned. The present is one of two volumes, to be devoted to quadrn- peds ; and the future ones will comprise delineations and popular descrip- tions of birds, fishes, and insects, in separate volumes complete in themselves, or as an entire work. The plates are engraved with extreme neatness, and not without spirit, and the drawings are accurate as far as our observation extends. The figure of each animal is relieved by an appropriate background, which greatly adds to the interest and picturesque appearance of the plates. Besides the neat manner in which the whole work is got up, it has the great additional recommendation of cheapness ; each number containing six engravings and a portion of letterpress for Is. We cheerfully recommend this little work, which is deserving of the extensive popularity it enjoys.