11 SEPTEMBER 1830, Page 22


Tuesday, September 7.


CARRON and CoLLs• Birmingham, jewellers-E. and W. BARDRLL, Astons juxta, Birmingham, platers-BALL and TONLE?, Wood Street, wholesale glovers ..-Jateavsts and THOMAS, Liverpool, clay-merchants-BistanArs, HumsTom, and Co. Parley and Derby, iron-manufacturers ; as far as regards Evades- JACKSON and GORNALL, Brinnington, Cheshire, joiners-Leas and Musts, Old- ham, Lancashire, cotton-spinners-Tom estris and Thies, Bristol-PLATT and GOLDING. Manchester, tailors-MoLvsteox and BATTBRSBY, Charleston, South Carolina, and W. C. MOLYNEUX and Co. Liverpool, merchants-BEwLEv and MILLARD Sonatas, Berkshire, milliners-ROCKLAND and TYSER, New Road, Camberwell-WI Lcomes and VARTY, Exeter and Honiton, linen•drapers-JAcEsom and JAY, Little Sutton Street, Clerkenwell, dyers-R. and R. E. A. TOWNSEND, Godliman Street, Doctors' Commons, proctors.


BULLOCK, Jove, Featherstone Street, St. Luke's, and Sun Street, Bishopsgate, furnishing-Ironmonger, Sept. 6. HOLLINSWORTH, CHARLES HENRY, Chaprnan's Place, Great Dover Street, Surrey, coal-merchant, Sept. 3.


THOR 0000D, WILLIAM, jun. Bagnigge Wells Tavern, Spa Fields, victualler, Sept. 10 to Oct. 15.


BALEY, THOMAS, Giltspur Street, baker, to surrender, Sept. 10, 21, Oct. 19: solicitor, Mr. Hill, Aldermanbury.

Cox, HENRY, Sheffield. grocer, Sept. 13,14, Oct. 19: solicitors, Mr. Capes, Ray- mond Buildings, Gray's Inn ; and Mr. Copeland, Sheffield.

CUNNINGHAM, JOHN, Bristol, tin-plate-worker. Sept. 21, 22, Oct. 19: solicitors, Messrs. Evans, Stevens, and Flower, Gray's Inn Square; and Mr. J. K. Haberfield, Bristol. KAY, WILLIAM, Cowmire, Yorkshire, saddler, Sept. 13, 14, Oct. 19 : solicitors, Mr. Lawrence; Lincoln's Inn-Fields ; and Mr. Wyche, Ripon. MA.TAELE, WILLIAM GEORGE, Lower Bland Street, New Dover Road, dealer, Sept. 10, Cl. Oct. 19 : solicitor, Mr. Whiting, London Bridge-foot, Southwark. MITCHELL, RxenAan, Cray/bed, Kent, gardener, Sept. 14,21, Oct. 19: solicitors, Messrs. Young and Ware. Blackman Street, Southwark. BOCK E, CHARLES AUGUST eS,'Courtoff Hill, Worcestershire, horse dealer. Sept. 14, 28, Oct. 19: solicitor, Mr. Williams, Upper North Place, Gray's Inn Road. SCRUTON, WI WAN, Church Lane. St. George's in the East, licensed-victualler, Sept. 14, 21, Oct. 19: solicitor, Mr. Marson, Church Row, Newington. SMITH, JOSEPH, Winchester, miller, Sept. 21, 22, Oct. 19 : solicitors, Messrs. Dawson and Hawkins, New Boswell Court, Carey Street; and Mr. Peter Lee, Win- chester. TomLINSON, JOSEPH HALE, Halsted, Essex, money-scrivener, Sept. 17, 19, Oct. 19: solicitors, Messrs. Wiglesworth and Ridsdale, Gray's Inn Square ; and Messrs. Frost and Stedman, Sudbury.


Sept. 24, Balls, Exmouth Street, Easton Square, victualler-Sept. 28, Garraway, Mary Place, Bow Lane, Poplar, ship-owner-Sept. 30, Rollinson, Great Wheine- tham, Suffolk, miller-Sept. 29, Fourdrinier, Lostock Gralam, Cheshire manufac- turing-chemist-Oct. 26, Hodgson, Pickering, Yorkshire, corn-factorl-Sept. 28, Benham, Poole, builder-Sept. 29, Parkins in, jun. Liverpool, brewer-Oct. 16, Moore, Tipton, Staffordshire, grocer-Sept. 30, Smith, Nottingham, currier-Sept. 30, Fisher, Keswick, Cumberland, jeweller-Sept. 30, Rollinson, Stansfield and Great Whelnetliam, Suffolk, miller-Sept. 29, Oakes, Carnarvon, grocer-Sept. 29, Ferguson, Catterick Bridge. Yorkshire, innkeeper-Sept. 29, Elsie, Worcester, and Ledbury, Herefordshire, scrivener-Oct. 16, Overington, Wickham, Southampton, common-brewer-Sept. 29, Featherstone, Exeter, toyman.


To be granted, unless cause be shown to the contrary, on or before Sept. 28.

Pittway, Tewkesbury, Glostershire, butcher-Lamprell, Chelmsford, linen-draper -Abraham, New Bond Street, picture-dealer-Burls, Cateaton Street, merchant- Harris, Canterbury, money-scrivener-Crole, Sweeting's Alley, Cornhill, exchange_ broker.


• BURNS, WALTER, Edinburgh, upholsterer, Sept. 13, 27.

Friday, September 10.


W. and J. Ca owtsot-NE WSIAN and UNDERTOW, Museum Street, Bloomsbury, brass-work-manufacturers-Bew LEY and HAA wo on, jun. Birmingham, maltsters- EAnss, BEWLEY, and Co., Birmingham, wholesale chemists ; as far as regards HARWOOD, jan.-CHRisTorneas o sr and SHARP, Brighthelmstone, furnishing ironmongers-Toms KY and BUTLER., Little Marylebone Street, coal-merchants- KENT and ARTER, Bath, tailors-Mr:sTos: and POLSON, Grafton, Herefordshire, brickmakers-Jon YS ON and Janos, Grosvenor Place, Borough Road, blacking- manufacturers-Hosa E as. and S3IALL, Boston, drapers-Htoos, Newbury, and STRAGNELL, Speen, Berkshire, coach-makers-Woon and PECK, Mitcham, silk- tlarowsters-KENDAL and COLE, Basinghall Street, Blackwell-hall.factors-Osee and Putios MATT, Market Street, Hertfordshire, carpenters-CLou GE and ELLts, York, boot and shoe-makers--A. and A. ALEXANDER, Huddersfield, dyers-WooL- BIER and COLLINS, Chamberlain's Wharf, Tooley Street, Southwark, provision- agents-M. and J ALMAN, Bristol, pawnbrokers-Be swicE and BALDWIN, Bir- mingham, braziers-RAYNER and STOCKWELL, Watford, Hertfordshire, chemists, Wool) and STEAD, Smithfield Bars, tobacco-manufacturers.


SHENTON, WILLIAM, Leicester, miller, from Sept. 14 to Nov. 22,


BARNETT, J-ARMES, Carrickfergus' Ireland, merchant, to surrender Oct. 9, 11, 22: solicitors, Messrs. Lowe, Southampton Buildings, Chancery Lane ; and Mr. W. Hurry, jnn. Liverpool. BRADLEY, GEORGE, Leeds, iron-founder, Sept. 16,17, Oct.4 : solicitors, Messrs. Smithson and Co. New Inn ; and Mr. Dunning, Leeds. COMLEY, GEORGE, JONES, GEORGE, and HATHAWAY, THomAa, Uley, Glou- cestershire, clothiers, Sept. 14,2.1, Oct. 22: solicitor, Mr. Tanner. New Basinghall Street.

FLACKS, NICHOLAS BARNABAS, York Road, Lambeth, corn-dealer, Sept. 17,21, Oct. 22; solicitor, Mr. Rogers, Manchester Buildings, Westminster. GUYENETTE, FRANCIS JOHN, and GEAR?, STEPHEN, Liverpool Street ; and GEAR?, STEP URN, Weston Street, Pancras Road, builders, Sept. 14, 17, Oct. 22 : aolicitor, Mr. Smith Cannon Street, City. KHYBER, THOMAS, Colchester, woollen-draper, Sept. 20, 21, Oct. 22 : solicitors, Messrs. Bignold and Co. Bridge Street, Blackfriars ; and Messrs. Sarjeant and Cooper, Colchester.

Neve, Ann usTus, Portsea, linen-draper, Sept. 24, Oct. 4, 22: solicitors, Mr. Harpur Street ; and Mr. A. Low, Union Street, Portsea. RonorTom, JOHN, James Street, Covent Garden, coal-merchant, Sept. 17, 24, Oct. 22: solicitors, Messrs. Yates and Sydney, Bury Street, St. Mary Axe.

SIMONS, HENRY, Blackraore, Essex, grocer, Sept. 14, 21, Oct. 22: solicitors, Messrs. Clark and Straight, Sessions House, Old Bailey. TURNER, FRANCIS GILL, Russell Street, Bermondsey, /eather-dyer, Sept. 14,21, Oct 22; solicitors, Messrs. Wilkinson and Lawrence, Bucklersbury, Cheapside.


Oct. 5, Barringer, St. John Street, West Smithfield, tavern•keeper-Oct. 4, Lane, Oxford, builder-Oct. 4, kladwen, Liverpool, banker-Oct. 5, Lawrence, jun. Min- sterley Park, Shropshire, miner-Oct. 4, Morris, jun. Norwich, slater-Oct. 2, Fox, Margate, merchant-Oct. 8, Giles, Leeds, stuff-merchant-Oct. 4, Watson Gains.. borough, shipwright-Oct. 5, Wragg, Mansfield, Nottinghamshire, grocerLOct. 4, E. T. and J. Smith, York, drapers.


To be granted, unless cause be shown to the contrary on or before October, 1. Bevan, jun. Landore, Glamorganshire, stone-manufacturer-Weilevise Crescent Place, Bridge Street, Blackfriars, milliner-Walker, Wolverhampton dealer-Mar' shall, Norwich, silk.merehant-Voss, Upper Thames Street, iightermart-Farris, Canterbury, raoney•scrivener-Spear, Keppell Mews, Bedford Square, job-master.


THITHRAT, JAMES, Iiirkaldy, merchant, Sept. 14, 30. ht`CREA, WILLIAM, Kirialdy, chida-merchant, Sept. 14, Oct. 5,