11 SEPTEMBER 1830, Page 3

The revelution expected to have commenced in Spain in the

first week of September, and respecting which we hoped to have something to tell to-day, has been rather ominously postponed till the last week. If this delay have taktn place for the purpose of allowing the Patriots to concentrate their forces, so far all is yet well. MINA has not appeared on the Spanish frontier, though he is most impatiently longed for. The celebrated leader who goes under the name of EL PASTOR is at Bayonne, where he has abun- dance of officers but very few men. The Constitutionalists are not agreed among themselves. The dethronement of FERDINAND is a point settled, if it can be brought about ; but who is to suc- ceed him? Strange as it may appear, a pretty large party are in favour of JOSEPH BONAPARTE ; whose sway, where he was allowed to act for himself, is said to have been mild and judicious. The movements reported to have taken place at Madrid seem to have alarmed rather than endangered the Royal Mantuamaker. The Carlists are understood to be extremely busy; and between them and the Liberals, it is not unlikely that FERDINAND may fall to the ground. The Duke de MONTEBELLO arrived at Bordeaux on the 5th ; he was said to be going on a mission to Madrid, the object of which was to persuade his Most Catholic Majesty to convoke the Cortes, and give a constitution to his subjects. This requires confirmation.