11 SEPTEMBER 1830, Page 6

STATE OF T nant.—The markets at Huddersfield have latterlyevinced considerable

activity. At our piece-hall, on Saturday, there was a brisk sale for goods, at prices which have remained stationary for several weeks, but which are an imptovement upon those that we experienced a short time ago. At Bradford, on Thursday, considerable business was done, and a further advance upon some description of goods is expected with great confidence. Short wool and noils are also ready of sale, and Wes nor descriptions worth rather more this week.—Hatifax Chronicle.

PILLOW LACE.—The King and Queen have promised on every pro- per occasion to promote the interests of the pillow lace workers. We fear even their patronage will do little good. It is not fashion that has substituted bobbin-net for thread lace, but a more imperative personage still, the tax-gatherer. If their Majesties could relieve the labours of the country of some five and twenty millions of taxes, pillow-lace might thrive as well as ever it did.

OPENING OF THE LIVERPOOL AND MANCHESTER RAILWAY.— The preparations for the entertainment of the Duke of Wellington and the other distinguished persons invited to witness this grand ceremony, are going on with great activity and spirit. Eight hundred twotainea tickets have now been disposed of. The price of the ticket is greatly enhanced by the expense incurred in fitting up the theatre. It was pre- maturely stated that Sir Robert Peel had net been invited : Sir Robert, and many other gentlemen, without distinction of their political creed, are expected to grace the .entertainznent. The party will go to Liverpool in the morning, where they will partake of a collation, and return to Manchester to dinner.