11 SEPTEMBER 1858, Page 20

On the 29th August, at Macerate., th B eNir i r . Wife of Chevalier

D. Pantale000fnial,:xhm.t,aer:

Rome, of a son.

On the 30th, at Landford, Salisbury, the Wife of the Rev. E. Simms,

On the 5th September, at Appleton Hall, Warrington, the Lady of R. A° c '

Esq., M.P., of a son.

On the 5th, in Notting Hill Square, the Wife of Robert Jacks n, 3 ,a of

daughter. On the 5th, at Chancellor House, Tunbridge Wells, the Marchioness of Abercors of a son. , On the 6th, in Upper Brook Street, Grosvenor Square, the 'Wife of James Ed. ward Pollock. M.D., of a son.

On the 8th, at Reigate, the Wife of Sidney Field, Esq„ of a daughter.

On the 8th, at the Lodge, Corpus Christi College, Cambridge, the Wife of the Rev. James Pulling, D.D., of a son.