11 SEPTEMBER 1909, Page 2

Reuter's correspondent announced in last Saturday's papers that the prolonged

crisis in Servian politics had come to an end, M. Novakovitch and M. Ribaratz having agreed to retain office. It will be remembered that when the tension between Servia and Austria-Hungary was most acute, a Coalition Government was formed to save the situation. M. Nova- kovitch, who is well known as an historical writer, and who is a Progressive in politics, became the Prime Minister, and M. Ribaratz, who is a Nationalist, or Liberal, became Minister of Justice. M. Ribaratz's resignation more than a fortnight ago was followed quickly by that of the Prime Minister, the explanation being that their followers were dis- satisfied with their share of the spoils. As a matter of fact, the Prime Minister and the Minister of Justice could not, with all the will in the world, do better for their proteges than they actually had done, for even the Coalition Govern- ment has been ruled by the Old and Young Radicals who have for some time been the dominant influence in Servia. It is probably a good thing for Semia that the Coalition has not, after all, fallen. It managed to tide over a very difficult period with a certain cool-headedness, and as there are still some outstanding questions between Servia and Austria- Hungary, its obvious task is not yet accomplished.