12 APRIL 1856, Page 20


PROM THE LONDON GAZETTE, APRIL 8. - Partnerships Dissolced.-Taylor and Rankin. Bridgwater, wine-merchants-L Rankin and Taylor, Bristol, wine-merchants-Kershaw and Co. Dukinfield, cotton- spinners ; as far as regards J. Kershaw-Kershaw and Sons, Saddleworth, cotton- spinners-Crawford and Co. Peckham, schoolmistresses; as far as regards M. A. Crawford-Rickman and Co. Lewes, merchants-Mackay and Co. Liverpool, ship- wrights-Cooley and Co. Wolverhampton, factors-Smith and Sons Manchester, silk-manufacturers-Gasldll and Taylor, Manchester, cotton-waste-dealers-Harold and Thomson, Liverpool, insurance-agents-Wilkinson and Cb. Halifax, shine- merchants-Taylor and Bedson, Manchester, auctioneers-Emson and Baker, Sud- bury, ironmongers-Paine and Hill, Borough Market, salesmen-Clark and Makin- son, New Palace Yard, civil-engineers-Toward and Boyd; Low Walker, Newcastle- upon-Tyne, iron-ship-builders-W. and N. Collard, Canterbury, eorn-faetors- Harrop and Law, Batley Car, plumbers-Phillips and Sons, Abeharch Lane, attorneys ; as far as regards G. M..Phillips-Adshead and Brothers, Staleybridge cotton-spinners-H. and E. Taylor, Oxford, postmasters-Taylor and Burford:, Castle Street, Holborn; and Oxford, attorneys-Buck and Co. Salford, machine- makers-Campin and Co. Strand-Hale and Eastland, Laraberhurst, Kent, drapers -Maurice and Co. Basinghall Street, commission-agents-T. and J. Orme, Man- chester, cabinet-makers-Hudson and Co. North Shields, surgeon-dentists-Wil- liams and Clark, Wolverhampton, oil-manufacturers-Wright and Co. Manchester, yarn-agents-31ontefiore and Co. Melbourne, merchants-3PConnell, Brothers, Crossbrook, Derbyshire, and Manchester, manufacturers. BankruptciesAnnulled.-MAcoLXBONALDLAnG Messorr,Winchester Buildings, merchant. HENRY Biusnasm, Birmingham, button-manufacturer. EDWIN and Soma FROST RODGERS, Walsall, grocers. - Bankrupte.-Wrt Tray FILLET, Aldermanbury Postern, tailor; to surrender April 17, May 19: solicitors, Furnley and Luscombe, Cannon fifteen official assignee,

Bell, Coleman Street Buildings. .

SOHN Barra, Trinity Square, Tower Hill, victualler, April-17, May 92: solicitor, Evans, Gray's Inn Square ; official assignee, Bell, Coleman Street Buildings. - Wmi..tam GASCOESE, Hitchin, butcher, April 21, May 20: solicitors, Mason and Stunt, Gresham Street ; official assignee, Graham, Coleman Street. - Joina THOMAS and GEORGE METCALFE, Bow Lane, City, canvass-merchants, April 21, May 20: solicitor, Stubbs, Moorgate Street; official assignee, Stansfeld; Basinghall Street. THOMAS RYDER, Old Broad Street, merchant, April 22, May 20: solicitor, Tibbitts, Field Court, Gray's Inn; official assignee, Edwards, Sambrook Court. THOMAS WALKER Btorr, Stamford, inn-keeper, April 22, May 20 : solicitors, Law; Stamford ; Hodgson and Allen, Birmingham ; official assignee, Harris, Nottingham. GEORGE BTFORD, Liverpool, slate-dealer, April 21, May 14: solicitors, Neal and Martin, Liverpool; official assignee, Morgan, Liverpool. THOMAS Gone, Manchester, machine-maker, April 28, May 21: solicitors, Slater

and Myers, Manchester; official assignee, Fraser, Manchester. '

Diridends.-April 29, W. and G. Reade, Hibernia Chambers, London Bridge', provision-merchants-April 29, Tyler, Wood Street, warehouseman-April 29, Har- rison, London, commission-agent-April 30, J. C. and T. Lucas, Aldersgate Street; druggists-April 29, Fawcett, Lisle Street, boot-manufacturer-April 29, Dallimore, Newport, Hampshire, grocer-April 29, Mooney, Pleasant new, liolloWay Road' tea-dealer-April 29, Bally, Newman Street, sculptor-April 29, Dhvids;Middle Row, Holborn, milliner-April 30, Barnes, Oldbury, draper-April 29, Kirkham, Blackburn, cotton-manufacturer-April 29, Makant, Whalley, Lancashire, cotton- spinner-May 15, Morgan and Co. Bristol, ship-builders-May 8, Driscoll, Cardiff, potato-merchant-May 8, Knight, Bath, china-tlealer-May 8, Harrop, Westbury, Wiltshire, woollen-manufacturer-May 8, Slade, Stoke-sub-Hamdon, Somersetshire, glove-manufacturer-May8, Gidley, Torquay, share-broker-May 8, blugford,-Tor- quay, tailor-May 8, Knight, Taunton, grocer-May 8, Veysey, Exeter, hatter- May 8, Bowling, Sydling St. Nicholas, Dorsetshire, miller-May 8, Passmore, Exeter, umbrella-manufacturer-May 8, Drake, Willand, Devonshire, inn-keeper- April 30, N. and T. Andrews, Gateshead, ironmongers-May 2, Adrunson and Bell, Sunderland, corners-April 30, Hodson, Peckforton, Beeston, cattle-dealer. . - Certificates to be granted unless cause be Shown- to the contrary on the day of meeting.-April 29, Wiffin and King, Long Acre, card-makers-April 29, Nicks, Coleman Street, rope-maker-April 30, Turner, Ludgate Hill, draper-April 30, Pothecary and Byrnes, Nutshalling, Hampshire, boardinghouse-keepers-April 30, Hooker, Sydenham, contractor-May 3, 11. and W. Coop, Chequerbent, Lancashire, :ilk-manufacturers-May 1, Andrew, Tyldesley, Lancashire, shop-keeper-April 29, Oates, Ashton-under-Line, inn-keeper. Declarations of Dicidencts.-Bennie and Co. Liverpool, ship-builders ; second dir. of Is. 44. any Monday ; Bird, Liverpool-Lowe, Birmiugham, boot-manufac- turer; first div. of 2s. 3d. any Thursday ; Christie, Birmingham-Hancock, Talk-o'-th'-Hill, Staffordshire, builder ; first div. of Is. 6d. any Thursday ; Christie, Birmingham.

Scotch Seguestrations.-Biumatyne, Glasgow, shirt-manufacturer, April 17- Thomson, Glasgow, factor, April 18-Boyd, Glasgow, commission-agent, April 18.


Partnerships Dissolced.-Mertens and !Co. Apperley Bridge, Yorkshire, worsted- dyers-Gould and Co. Leicester, coal-merchants-Ackermann and Co. Strand, pnntsellers ; as far as regards H. Walton-Beresford and Co. Buglawton, Cheshire, silk-manufacturers-Rogerson and Andrews, Eton, cutlers-E. and J. Greaves, Sheffield, cut-nail-manufacturers-E. and H. Barnard, Sunderland, hardwaremen- The Newmill Conperative Society-Wilkinson and Co. Shelton, Parian-manufacturers -Haworth and Co. Over Darwen, paper-stainers-Harrison and Co. Lumley, Dur- ham, timber-merchants-Lesty and Ellis, Gray's Inn, law-stationers-Fryer and Wright, Nottingham, drapers-Heath and Connor, Tuilerie Street, Hackney Road, pork-butchers-Sandiford and Moore, Accrington, joiners-Radcliffe and Redfern, Scoverhy Bridge, Yorkshire, woollen-manufacturers-Croft and Ashworth. Beek- mondwike, grocers-Turner and White, Bourton, Buckinghamshire, farmers- Golding and Lyon, Liverpool, estate-agents-Thew and Co. Manchester, drapers- W. and It. Thornhill, Walsall. grocers-Barker and Co. Leeds, scribbling-millers- Bailey and Capewell, Congleton, silk-throwsters-Brittan and Sons, Bristol, soli- citors; as far as regards M. Brittan-Howarth and Co. Middleton, cotton-spinners -Todd and Co. John Street, Adelphi, wine-merchants-Hirst and Sons, Saddle- worth, cloth-manufacturers; as far as regards W. L. Hirst-Peat and Orrell, Lenton, makers of knittings-Steele and Co. and Bland and Co. Liverpool, timber- merchants ; as far as regards H. Steele-Paul and Co. London Street, wine-mer- chants-Jones and Brooks, Shatterford, Salop, colliers-Dean and Son, Bilston, japanners-Parry and Mace. Liverpool, photographic artists. Bankrupts.-l'rrEn Mra.man, New Bond Street, trunk-maker, to surrender April 19, May 31: solicitor, Cooper, Gray's Inn ; official assignee, Nicholson, Basinghall Street.

Joan JOSEPH Dasren, 'Wimbledon, victualler, April 19, May 31: solicitor, Chid- ley, Gresham Street ; official assignee, Nicholson, Basinghall Street. Gxonox Hasi.sm, Bethnal Green Road, confectioner, April 18, May 31: solicitor, Marshall, Sion College Gardens; official assignee, Nicholson, Basinghall Street. GEonan Wei.sox, Northampton Street, Lower Road, victualler, April 19, May 31: solicitor, Child and Son, Cannon St.; official assignee, Pennell, Guildhall Chambers. Wriassu RICHARD DRAKE, North' Walsham, Norfolk, coach-builder, April 21, May21 : solicitors, Sale and Co. Aldermanbury ; Miller and Co. Norwich ; official assignee, Graham, Coleman Street.

GEORGE Snixos-ns, Fore Street, Cripplegate, carpet-bag-manufacturer, April 18, May 24 : solicitor, Jones, Quality Court; official assignee, Cannon, Aldermanbury. BER.NARD SIMMERS RYDER, Gough Street North, Gray's Inn Road, paper-stainer, Apri125, May 27: solicitor, Ashley, Old Jewry; official assignee, Lee, Aldermanbury. Wri.Lignt BAKER, Comberton, Cambridgeshire, blacksmith, April 22, May 20: solicitors, Smith, Furnives Inn; Peed, Cambridge ; official assignee, Edwards. Basinghall Street. Callum KIDINGTON GILL, Castle Hedingliam, chemist, April 24, May 22: soli- citor, Chidley, Gresham Street ; official assignee, Johnson, Basinghall Street. CHARLES SPENCER, Birmingham, draper, April 25, May 15: solicitors, Browett, Coventry ; Motteram and Knight, Birmingham; official assignee, Bittleston, Bir- mihgham. GEORGE WILLIAM VArEns, Trowbridge, currier, April 22, May 20: solicitors, Henderson and Co. Bristol ; official assignee, Miller, Bristol.

WILLIAM JACKSON, Sheffield, brush-manufacturer, April 26, May 31: solicitor, Webster, Sheffield ; official assignee, Breivin, Sheffield.' Einemin BREAM, Hull, currier, April 30, May 28: solicitor, Thorney, Hull ; offi- cial assignee, Garlick, Hull.

Some Oenza, Hull, merchant, April 23, May 28: solicitors, Holden and Sons, and Bell, Hull; official assignee, Carrick, Hull.

JAMES Sunroof, Rochdale, cotton-spinner, April 24, May 22: solicitor, Hardman, Rochdale; • official assignee, Hernainan, Manchester. Dividends-May 2, Campbell, Regent Street, Westminster-May 2, Fossey and Steel, Millman, timber-merchants-May 3, J. G. and J. G. Perkins senior, Warn- ford Court, Throgmorton Street, stock-brokers-May 2, Mackey, St. Helen's Place, merchant-May 2, Medley and Adam, Great Tower Street, underwriters-May 2, Benning, Fleet Street, law-bookseller-May 2' Main, Albert Street, Walworth, en- gineer-May 2, Sims, St. George's Square, Pimlico, builder-May 2, Lawrence, Carshalton, apothecary-May 23, Deans, Blackburn. draper-May 5, Kirkham, Blackburn, spinner-May 5, Staley, Stockport, grocer-May 15, Goodrich, Dursley, chemist-May 2, Dempster, Liverpool, stone-mason-May 5, Crippin and Forster, Liverpool, ferry-ptopnetors-May 27, Pratt and Abson, Castleford, Yorkshire, earthenware-manufacturers-May 27, Stead, Leeds, grocer-May 2, lkin, Mirfield, Yorkshire, merchant-May 3, Parker and Co. Sheffield, bankers-May 3, Armitage and Co. Sheffield, spring-manufacturers-May 2, Martin and Scott, Great St. Helen's, merchants.

Certificates to be granted unless cause be shown -to- the contrary on the day of oneeting.-May 2, Elsam, Ileyford, ironstone-master-May 3, White, Brentwood, carpenter-May 3, Davies, Aberkenfig, Glamorganshire, grocer-May 2, Cobham, Milton. Gravesend, carpenter-May 2, Cooper, Nunhead, builder-May 3, Curtis, West Hani,-builder-May 2, Wightwick, Town Mailing, carpenter-May 2, Hasse, Railway Place, Fenchurch Street, merchant-May 2, Green, Chalcroft Terrace, Lambeth, brush-maker-May 2, Dalby, Norwood, carpenter-May 2, Burling, Blackheath Hill, carpenter-May 2, Davis, Wigmore Street, cabinet-maker-May 2, Schafer and Brown, Fenchurch Street, merchants-May 6, Goodrich, Dursley, chemist-May 2, N. and T. Andrews, Gateshead, ironinongers-May 2, Falkingham, York, coach-builder-May 2, Mitchell, Keighley, worsted-spinner-May 12, Carter

junior, Leamington Priors, ironmonger.

Declarations of Diridenils.-Edwards, Lower Street, Islington, ironmonger ; first div. of 84. any Tuesday ; Nicholson, Basinghall Street-Bentley, Welford, coal- merchant ; first div. of 3d. any Tuesday; Nicholson, Basinghall Street-W. and F. W. Lister, Great Queen Street, jewel-ease-makers; first dlr. of 64. and first die. of 16s. on the separate estate of W. Lister, any Tuesday ; Nicholson, Basinghall Street -Rogers, Sutton, Surrey, victualler ; first div. of Sc. 44. any Tuesday ; Nicholson, Basinghall Street.-Simpson, Leeds, painter ; first div. of 5s. 5id. any Friday ; Hope, Leeds-Day, Dewsbury, carpet-manufacturer ; first div. of 5s. 84. any Friday ; Hope, Les-Simpson, Church Fenton, Yorkshire, chicory-merchant ; first div. of 4s. 11d. any Friday ; Hope, Leeds-Slater and Gaukroger, Hebden Bridge, York, cotton-spinners ; second div. of td. any Friday ; Hope, Leeds-Gaukroger and Co. Hebden Bridge, York, cotton-spinners ; second div. of Is. hi. any Friday ; Hope, Leeds-Dunn Wakefield, corn-factor ; final div, of lid. on the separate estate any day ; Hope, Leeds-Wells, Halifax, cotton-spinner; final div. of id. any Friday ; Hope, Leeds-Nelson, Leeds, upholsterer ; first div. of Is. any Friday ; Hope, Leeds -Taylor, Halifax, worsted-spinner ; second div. of Sid. any Friday ; Hope, Leeds -Ashley, Liverpool, underwriter ; first div. of 8s. 3td. any Wednesday ; Morgan, Liverpool-Walters, Chester, coal-agent ; second div. of lid. and first div. of 38. id. on new proofs, any Wednesday ; Morgan, Liverpool-Johnson, Liverpool, coal-mer- chant; second div. of Is. Sid. and first div. of 2s. on new proofs any Wednesday ; Morgan, Liverpool-Jones, Chester, draper; first div. of Os. any Wednesday ; Mor- gan, Liverpool-C. and F. Peverelle, Birmingham, hardware-dealers ; first div. of 18. 114. any Thursday ; Christie, Birmingham. Scotch ft-uestrations.-Jack, Brechin, provision-merchant, April 22-Dunn, Glasgow, grocer, April 21-Mathieson, Stirling, painter, April 24-Campbell, Kin- gussie, merchant, April 22.