12 APRIL 1856, Page 7


The Irish Attorney-General, Mr. Fitzgerald, has been returned for Ennis without opposition. There are two candidates for Athlone; Mr. Jelin Ennis, Liberal, and Mr. Handcock, Derbyite.

Emigration from the West to the United States still continues, though Dot to such an extent as formerly. The local journals complain of Irish eten quitting their native land for the "now inhospitable shores of America," where their treatment is "disgraceful and ungrateful."

According to the Carlow Sentinel, recent investigations prognosticate Very small assets for the Tipperary Bank so far as the recovery of debts is concerned.

Further forgeries by the late John Sadleir. A London solicitor arrived in Dublin on Monday with five deeds purporting to refer to estates sold in the Encumbered Estates Court : they all, with one exception for a small amount, proved to be forgeries ; they represented 44,000/. as having been paid on them, and John Saadi- raised 16,0001. of loans upon the worthless parchmenta. Almost parallel with the openiiig of the Special Commission at Cavan, on Wednesday, to try the inan accused of the murder of Miss Hinds, another scene of murder was rapidly acted in the neighbouring county of Roscom- mon. Mrs. Kelly, well known in the Dublin courts for the long contest she maintained against those who questioned the will of Mr. Kelly of Rock- wood, and for the romantic history revealed in the process, was shot in her own grounds, near Moate. She was walking, on Tuesday, with one of her nephews ; two men in women's clothing, their faces covered with black veils, rushed from a ditch, and, each firing a pistol, blew out her brains.. A Coroner's Jury have returned a verdict of "Wilful murder" against "some person or persons unknown." A relative of Mrs. Kelly is in custody on suspicion.