12 APRIL 1873, Page 1

The Prince of Wales commenced the observance of Passion Week

in a way that, if it cannot be said to do any one any harm, is not calculated to add to the honour that ought to hedge the personage who stands on the next step to the Throne. Nothing more elaborately ludicrous has happened in England since Sim Tappertit and his Prentice Knights than the proceedings at Willis's Rooms on Monday, when the Prince presided at a mock resus- citation of the Knights Templars, suppressed, as every one knows, in the year 1312. The proceedings, of which we have attempted a description elsewhere, combined some of the more extravagant elements of a Lord Mayor's Show and some of the grotesquer passages of a very High-Church function, with the substantial conclusion of such a dinner as City Companies know how to give. Will Heralds' College or Ulster take any notice of the Knights Grand Cross and Knights Commanders created by His Royal Highness on the occasion ? The Court Circular, which is, we presume, edited by the Lord Chamberlain, officially recognises the new Order as an " Order of England and Ireland." Princes ought not to make even the millinery and jewellery of State too cheap.