12 APRIL 1873, Page 23

Pious Jeathnir, a Doleiid Tale. (W. P. Nimmo.)—It is difficult

to say which is the worse part of this book, the doggrel rhyme, or tho scratchy, coarse illustrations with which it is furnished. What a strange notion of fun some people seem to have ! Here is the history of a wanton girl who grows up into a sensual and profligate woman, and having killed herself with drink, is cast, together with her paramour, into hell fire,—and this is thought a fit subject for Hudibrastic verso and would-be-comic little pictures ! The book is beyond all question stupid ; to our mind, it is hardly decent Tho author has not thought fit to put his name, on the title-page, and we are surprised to see the publisher's. Can it he that religion is getting to be as little respected in Scotlaud as it is in France, and that even respectable people abet any caricature of it., however coarse or brutal?