12 APRIL 1873, Page 23

The Insidious Thief; a Tale for Ifundok Folks. By One

of Themselves. (Samuel Tinsloy.)—This is a temperance story, and at least as good as the average of that class of literature. We need not specify who or what is meant by " The Insidious Thief." How the father of a family is dragged down into worse and worse misery and wrong-doing by this evil influence, and how he is rescued by a bluff old sailor, " Uncle Wood," is told with some force. But the story is not made more forcible by apostrophes of this kind :—" We will have at you. Turt:;,, for all that. If we cannot kill you outright, we will exhibit you on the gibbet in all your detestable and hideous monstrosity. We will take off your smirking mask, and show your ugly features and fangs. We will she you iu all your despicable forms and attitudes," &e., &c.