12 APRIL 1873, Page 3

Stuttgart, the capital of Wiirtemberg, of all places in the

world, has been in tumult. It is a place where the cruel and cruel-making mediaeval traditions against the Jews have still great vitality, and during the last week in March a riot broke out, of which the occasion was a dispute between a soldier and a Jew clothesinan as to whether the price of some trousers purchased by the Jew were stated in florins (1s. 8ti. each) or in dollars (3s. each). The police interfered on behalf of the Jew, the populace on behalf of the soldier, and a riot ensued, which was repeated several nights in succession, and latterly took the form of wrecking shops, in fact, of mere pillage. At last General Von Stiilpnagel, took the matter authoritatively in hand, and virtually quelled the series of riots by walking once, alone, across the market-place with an observant eye fixed on all the roughs. The roughs knew what was meant, and not even " a whiff of grapeshot " was required. The Prussian is a splendid drill-serjeant. But it looks ugly, this double dis- position to persecute and to plunder in one of the quietest towns of Southern Germany.