12 APRIL 1935, Page 3

The Member for Epping remains, however, convinced that he still

has a fighting chance of destroying the Bill. He looks forward to another five months before it can become law and contends that much may happen in that time. Even if the Bill reaches the Statute Book he believes that the situation may be so ugly that it will not be pOsSible to put it into operation. I give the prize this week for-repartee to Lord Eustace Percy. Mr. Churchill was insisting that the India Bill has already had lamentable effects on the recruitment for the Indian Civil Service, when he was interrupted by laughter from Lord Eustace. • " What are you laughing at ?'" he retorted. " I was laughing," replied Lord Eustace, " because there has been no examination since the Bill was introduced. and the Right Honourable Gentleman's claim is rather like the claim Of a 'Certain regime in a foreign country, that it had largely increased the birth-rate six months after it had come into power."