12 APRIL 1935, Page 46


The latest Annual Report of the Stock Exchange is the best presented for many years past. The total receipts for the year came to £473,766, being an increase of £21,269 on the year. The total expenses, which included £15,000 for building replacements and £5,000 Income Tax account, were £186,609, being an increase of £4,184 on the year. The Revenue Account showed a credit of £287,156, being an increase of £17,075. The dividend has been raised from £13 to £14 per share for the year just ended, while the balance Carried forward of £74,756 is equal to another £7 10s. per share. The number of members at the end of the year just finished was 3,988, being an increase of 27 on the previous

year. ' The Stock Exchange share capital, authorized and

issued, is 20,000 shares, credited with £36 paid, making a total of £720,000. The price of these shares is about 285, which includes £10 dividend, less tax, payable on May 2nd.

A. W. K.