12 APRIL 1935, Page 48

A Hundred Years Ago


The struggle of the Tory Ministers against the hostile majority of the House of Commons was brought to a close on Wednesday. Lord John Russell's resolution on the Irish Church was carried in the Committee of the whole House on Monday, by -262 to- 237. On Tuesday, Lord John moved another resolution, to the effect that no measure could lead to a final and satisfactory adjustment of the Tithe question, which did not embody the great principle of appropriation asserted in the previous resolution ; ,this also was carried against Ministers, the numbers on the _division being 285 and 258. A Cabinet Council was held on Wednesday at ,whieh , it was unanimously determined to resign. In the evening, Sir Robert Peel in the Commons, and the Duke of Wellington in the ' Lords, announced that they only held office until their successors were appointed. The Duke made this communication with characteristic brevity ; but Sir Robert deliVerEd ari elaborate harangue, in justification of his acceptance and resignation-krOffiee.