12 APRIL 1935, Page 6

The case of the woman driver at Birmingham who ran

down a man and killed him because her eyes were glued on the speedometer conveys a very necessary warning. Every driver, I suppose, in a 80-mile limit tries to keep one eye on the speedometer and one on the road, though the latter is often distracted by the numerous signs to be noted on the edge of the pavement (if there is one). Human optical faculties were not designed for such multiple and simultaneous activity, and there is a very real danger lest accidents be actually invited by well-intentioned attempts to avoid them. An experienced driver can no doubt judge, without constantly watching his speedometer, when he is doing about 80 miles an hour, but not all drivers are experienced, and no one, whether he is or not, is disposed to run much risk after warnings that the police will be on him if they find him doing 81.