12 AUGUST 1865, Page 1

Immediately after he commission of this murder Southey, whose real

name is Forewood, or Forward, went down to Rams- gate to see his wife, whom he had not seen for eight years, and asking to speak to her alone, shot her and his little girl, and was seized. Before the magistrates he stated that be had killed the three children, and his wife, and his own child, considering that he ought to maintain them, and could not, owing to the conduct of Lord Dudley and other personages whom he named. The refusal of the Earl to pay a gambling debt he had not contracted seems to have preyed on his mind, until he regarded every rich man to whom he applied for assistance and who refused it as a personal enemy, and responsible for any crimes which he in his distress might commit. It seems the distress was real, and it is more than probable that the defence of insanity will be sustained.