12 AUGUST 1865, Page 1

Nothing has been heard during the week from the Great

Eastern or of the Atlantic cable. Some score or two of theories have been published, of which the most probable is that the electricians discovered a flaw, and have been since trying to haul up the cable --a very slow process. This theory accounts for the delay in the return of the expedition, which none of the others do, but it is open to the objection that the " tests " give dead earth at 1,250 miles from shore, which could only occur if some part of the cable were lying exposed on the floor of the sea. The company which lays the cable has not spoken, but the company which is to pay for it held a general meeting on Tuesday, at which little hope was expressed, but a resolution to persevere was passed, and the directors empowered to raise another 800,0001. at 8 per cent. The first-named body has, it would seem, a great interest in making the experiment succeed, as their profit is conditional on success, and the Great Eastern is chartered by them. The total loss in experiments, supposing this one to fail, has been only 1,200,0001., which in these days is a trifle, and it has been widely distributed, great numbers of the shares having been insured.