12 AUGUST 1865, Page 1

The Prussian lawyers have given in their report on the

right of succession to the Duchies. They say it legally rests with King Christian, and has been by him legally transferred to his con- querors. The report has created some indignation, as a cynical acknowledgment that the war was unjust, but the journals forget the facts. Austria and Prussia did not go to war to maintain anybody's title ; on the contrary, they acknowledged King Chris- tian, demanded of him guarantees that he would keep the arrange- ments made by King Frederick with themselves, and then, when the guarantees were given by France and England, invaded Denmark and plundered Jutland. They waged a war of spolia- tion, but it was not spoliation for the benefit of any small jackal, but for the benefit of the big beasts themselves. Ever since the peace the two monarchs have consistently declared themselves co- proprietors of the Duchies, and have set aside Augustenburg, Oldenburg, and the people with equal suavity and determina- tion.