12 AUGUST 1865, Page 2

The Times correspondent reports a horrible story., 'A Com- mittee

of the House of Representatives was last session ordered to report on the circumstances attending a massacre of Cheyenne Indians. They have completed their task, and affirm that Colonel Chivington, commanding a body of Colorado volunteers at Fort Lyon, inveigled a tribe of 600 persona, half of whom were women and children, into his power, and sent them to Sand Creek, bidding them fear nothing. A few days afterwards he marched 800 whites on them by night, and murdered all without distinction, while, say the Commissioners, "the soldiers indulged in acts of barbarity of the most revolting character." The Commissioners pro- nounce Colonel Chivington guilty of having "deliberately planned a foul and dastardly massacre," and recommend his removal. It must be remembered that the emigrants on this frontier are scalped and tortured by the Indians at every opportunity, and have most of them individual wrongs to avenge, but even with this extenuation the recommendation appears most unworthily lenient.