12 AUGUST 1865, Page 21

Life's Work and God's Discipline. Three Sermons preached before the

University of Cambridge. By C. J. Vaughan, D.D. (Macmillan) —This little book will be welcomed by all students of theological litera- ture, i.e., in these days by all thinking men. Of the three sermons that constitute the work, two are upon such interesting texts as 1. Cor.

15, and 1. Cor. xi., 30-32. The former of these, Professor Jewett says, is one of those "single verses that bear traces of many a life-long strife in the pages of commentators," and is described by Dr. Vaughan as "standing alone in Holy Scripture." To the latter is to be ascribed no doubt that mysterious awe with which participation in the Holy Com- munion is regarded by those who shrink from profaning no other sacred name or rite. Every one, then, will be anxious to know what is Dr. Vaughan's opinion on these celebrated passages. Those who agree with him and those who differ—those who, in his words, accept as an inspired saying a testimony which comes unsupported and alone, and those who hold that it is dangerous to attribute too great a value to isolated texts—will alike be the better for the perusal of these earnest, thoughtful, and practical sermons.